Hands-on math: understanding multiplication

The other day we were checking if Nat knew the times tables. I never asked her to memorize them, so I was positively surprised when it turned out she knew most of the facts. Those that she did not know, she was able to calculate fast. With one exception and xceptions are opportunities to learn. So we sat down, took the Spielgaben sticks and checked if her method was correct or not (it was not) and why.

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Montessori inspired cards & counters with Lego® bricks

Cards and counters are among the primary Montessori math materials. They are the last step of the numeration work, introduced after the number rods and spindle boxes. They are used to practice counting to 10 (associating a quantity with a symbol), and they also introduce the concept of even and odd numbers.

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How many bricks? Practising visual estimation

Take a cup, pour some Lego® bricks and try to estimate how many there are. Such a simple activity yet such an valuable skill.

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