Montessori inspired cards & counters with Lego® bricks

August 23, 2018

Cards and counters are among the primary Montessori math materials. They are the last step of the numeration work, introduced after the number rods and spindle boxes. They are used to practice counting to 10 (associating a quantity with a symbol), and they also introduce the concept of even and odd numbers.

lego cards & counters

During our home education years, we have used plenty of different cards and counters, depending on the interest of my children, the subject or the theme we were working on, the time of year, etc. And we often used Lego® bricks as counters.

Today I want to share with you a printable which includes two types of Lego® themed cards. The file is available to download on Teachers pay Teachers.

How to?

  • Print out on white card stock
  • laminate for durability
  • cut out the cards
  • prepare 55 identical Lego® bricks (the best would be 2×2 studs)

Why 55 and why identical?

The two essential attributes of Montessori materials are the control of error and the isolation of quality.

The control of error allows a child to autocorrect her work as she does not need an adult to confirm if a mistake was made. We provide an exact number of counters (here Lego® bricks), so at the end of the activity, a child can see if she has enough, too many or too few counters to finish the work successfully.

The isolation of quality means that with each material a child works on one concept. So whenever possible, we try to eliminate disruptions, like different characteristics of counters for instance (size, shape, color, etc.). This way child’s work is better organized, and she can focus on the concept she is learning more efficiently.

lego cards & counters
lego cards & counters
lego cards & counters
lego cards & counters


— download the file —

lego cards & counters
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