Nouns, adjectives and… Lego®

August 13, 2018

When teaching my children the parts of speech I combined Lego® bricks with the Montessori approach. In a Montessori classroom, parts of speech are introduced through a series of games with children as young as four years old. At home, I had to adjust these games to our situation.

nouns & adjectives with lego

Here are some ideas to work with nouns & adjectives, but the activities can be adapted for other parts of speech as well. On some photos, you will notice little wooden shapes – these are the Montessori grammar symbols. Also, all of the labels are color-coded following the symbol. In the Montessori approach, we use a black triangle for nouns, small light blue triangle for an article and a dark blue triangle for adjectives.

Noun – introduction

we will need:

  • Lego® accessories
  • a small basket or another container
  • blank slips of paper
  • a black marker

We go over the objects in the basket one by one, and a child answers the question:

– “What is this?”

– “This is a cat.”

After the child answers, we label the object (or a child labels if she can write).

noun game

Noun basket

A “noun basket” is a basket with several objects and prepared labels in it. A child has to select a proper label for every item.

Montessori inspired lego noun basket
Montessori inspired lego noun basket
Montessori inspired lego noun basket

Adjective game

Very similar to the noun game. We gather several objects in a basket, ask about each thing and then about its characteristics – a red apple, a plastic bottle, a venomous spider, an exciting book, etc.

Montessori inspired lego adjective game

Logical adjective game

Similar to the noun basket but with an additional set of labels with adjectives. A child has to match the adjectives to the nouns in a way that makes sense.

Montessori inspired lego logical adjective game
Montessori inspired lego logical adjective game
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