Water cycle using Lego® bricks

August 3, 2018

Last year we participated in First Lego League Jr. The challenge was called Aqua Adventure, and we learned a lot about the responsible use of water.

As an introduction to the subject, we learned about the water cycle. I made a demonstration of the cycle with ice and hot water (described by Pinay Homeschooler) and later my daughter built a great model using her imagination and Lego® bricks.

lego water cycle

We prepared labels and had a perfect learning material for her younger brothers.

lego water cycle

My daughter is quite fluent in building with Lego®, so her creation has many details. However, you can make a good representation of the water cycle with only basic bricks. All you need are bricks in blue, green, white and yellow (basic colors for the water cycle) and maybe some small pieces to add the final touch (as here Nat has used little grey and blue parts).

As for the free printable – I prepared two versions of labels for your convenience. The smaller ones fit tiles 1×4, and the bigger ones are for 2×6 tiles. You can download them here.

lego water cycle


— download the file —

lego water cycle
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