about us

My name is Marcjanna, and I’m a mother of three amazing kids. We are a home-, world-, Montessori-, game-, and lego-schooling family. We started our home education adventure several years ago in London with a Montessori @home approach, but as my kids grew older, their interests and our situation was changing. We have made several few-months-long travels and then settled in Spain. I created Suen Learning to share my teaching experience and promote a modern approach to education.

At Suen Learning we believe in active and experience-based learning. We develop engaging hands-on activities and lesson plans, ready to be used at home and school. All our ideas are children approved.

We learn through travels. We learn by doing. We love Lego® and board games. We want the learning experience to be fun, engaging and sensory based. We adapt our methods to where we are and our children’s changing interests. We jump from loving dinosaurs to building bridges. We charge our batteries at the beach, or we collect stones in Sierra de Guadarrama. We ask questions, and we look for answers. We build, we create, we explore.

I have a master degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate in psychology (HR Management). As an educator, I have taken a KHT Montessori online course, and I participated in several certified Lego® Education Academy courses (new teaching methodologies, robotics with WeDo). Back in London, I organized a Montessori Cooperative, and for almost two years now I have been running a Lego® Club for homeschooled children from Madrid.

"What the hand does, the mind remembers" (Maria Montessori)